Keep-It-Deep is a German blog focusing on the deeper side of electronic music. It was started by Freiburg based author and journalist Bernhard Amelung and went public in April 2008 (http://keep-it-deep.blogspot.de/).

What is Keep-it-Deep?

1. Keep-it-Deep is a small grain of sand. It arises from this huge sandpit that has no boundaries and which is called blogosphere.

2. Keep-it-Deep is for both of you, lovers and haters, in equal measure, but on condition that you are addicted to good music with soul.

3. Keep-it-Deep honestly prefers strolling around peaceful gardens, dense green forests and picturesque hiking trails to dark cold dusty cellars that are poetically described as clubs.

4. Keep-it-Deep, a lone fighter, is said to be a modest bloke, award-winning music enthusiast and idealistic audiophile who is safe from the scrutinity of others.

5. Keep-it-Deep is drenched in nostalgia for the ever-existing good. It is also soaked in nihilistic pessimism about today’s and tomorrow’s culture, be it popular or not.

6. Keep-it-Deep will show a happily sad or sadly happy light smile when getting the chance to discover music, new or old, that evokes an atmosphere that induces emotions like no other did before.